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3D Experience

AR can transform traditional paper menus into interactive digital menus. Customers can view the menu items in 3D, see visual representations of the dishes, and access additional information such as ingredients, nutritional values, and customer reviews. This interactive experience enhances engagement and helps customers make informed decisions.

Interactive Entertainment

AR can bring dining experiences to life by incorporating interactive entertainment elements.

Customers can enjoy AR games while waiting for their food or have virtual characters interact with their surroundings. This feature enhances customer engagement and provides a unique and memorable experience.

Social Media Sharing

AR experiences in the restaurant can encourage customers to share their experiences on social media platforms. By incorporating shareable AR filters, effects, or mini-games, restaurants can increase their online visibility, attract new customers, and create a buzz around their brand.

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Leave a lasting impression on customers.

How It Works


Talk With Us About Your Project & Goals

Understanding what your restaurants goals are and how we can help will be critical to the success of the project.

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Provide us with images, and content you currently have and we’ll create the AR menu experience based on your goals for the project.

Let Your Visitors Experience

Publish and integrate your interactive menu and restaurant experience to draw new vistors in and create repeat customers.

Stand Out From Your Competition

Revolutionizing How Visitors Interact With Restaurants

Augmented reality in restaurants offers enhanced engagement, personalized experiences, improved customer service, and innovative marketing opportunities. It can differentiate a restaurant from competitors, leave a lasting impression on customers, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Dish Items That Jump Off The Table

Unlock A World of Endless Possibilities

Interactive Menus
Virtual Table Setting
Real-Time Dish Visualization
Language Translation
Interactive Entertainment
Allergen and Dietary Information
Promotional Campaigns
Social Media Sharing

Unlock Limitless Creativity

Open the door to a world of endless possibilities. Break through creative barriers and generate content that captivates your restaurant visitors and brings your menu to life.

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